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[FIC] Lover

Tittle : Lover
Author : tina_yunho
Pairing : yunjae
Length : drabble
Summary : Jaejoong is a demanding lover, and Yunho just loves Jaejoong so much.

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a/n : it has been a while since i posted here! i am sorry for all you guys who had been tried joining this community for my late respons, i barely check my journal lately!
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Ai no Kotodama

I just watched a BL Movie, the title is '愛の言霊;世界の果てまで 'Ai no Kotodama 2; Sekai no hate made. In the end of the movie, the 'Seme' said this to the 'Uke' : これから、お前のものは僕のもの 僕のものは僕のもの。(From Now on, what's yours is mine, what's mine is mine). He said that in kind of jokin way, but i still think that is kind of 'Egoist' of the 'Seme'. And You know what? It reminded me a lot of YunJae. Because i remember clearly Yunho once said the same thing to Jaejoong too. I remember Yunho said it in japanese.

Sorry that i am trolling in community, the place where i should posting about 'fanfic and fanart' YunJae only. I can't help it ≧﹏≦
i am tiger

[FIC] Family Dinner Time

Title: Family Dinner Time (Pabo in Love with Gold Digger Unniverse)
Author : tina yunho
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: PG 13

Length : Oneshot
Genre : fluff
Summary: it was little Moonbin`s usual ‘dinner time’ with his family. With his papa and his mama were being busy in their own world and his sister being bitchy. And yes..there was carrot in his plate.

Its part of Pabo in Love with Gold Digger Unniverse, but it can stand alone as free oneshot.

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